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Meet Michelle Hazen

I live to help authors fall in love with their writing, and I specialize in helping them write happier, faster, and better. Drop me a line in the Contact Me page—I’d love to meet you!

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My Story

I’ve lived kind of an odd life.

I was always the kid on the playground who felt protective of anybody being picked on, so when I went to college, I picked psychology as my major. I loved learning what made people's minds tick, and spent many years working in lots of different roles within the counseling field. After a decade of that, I was itching for a little more freedom than my office jobs could provide. So my husband and I set out on the road and became nomadic, hiking and climbing and scuba diving all over the world while working seasonally together as desert tortoise biologists.

Amidst our travels, I wrote way too many books (and fanfics!). My work is represented by Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary and I am the author of nine published novels, both indie and Big 5 published. My books have won the Great Expectations Award, Lone Star Award, and Linda Howard Award of Excellence, have been an Amazon Editor’s Pick for Best Romance (twice), and have been named in the Best Romances of the Year by ALA Booklist. I’m proud to have now received four starred trade reviews on my various novels. I’m also a certified book coach from Author Accelerator, and have taught many kinds of writing classes including Story Genius workshops on how to design a book, and Pitch Track classes for learning how to get an agent. I love mentoring Pitch Wars and similar contests for writers, and have worked as an editor and writing coach since 2016.

Now that I have a home base again, I spend my time writing, buying too many things with trees printed on them, and editing my heart out for all my beloved clients.


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