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Romance Writers Retreat!

Updated: May 2

That's right, I'm hosting a retreat!

This year, I wanted something where I could meet new writers, but it was also relaxing, but I could also get some actual writing done. I couldn't find the right conference, and those all sounded crowded and potentially overwhelming. Oh, and also I wanted a complete break from chores, adulting, and responsibilities. Tall order, right? No surprise I couldn't find anything like this.

So my critique partner Margaret Torres and I invented our own! It's held at this gorgeous retreat center in the forest of Pennsylvania, with adorable individual cabins, unlimited ice cream and wine, and a small, selected group of writers who I suspect are all going to become best friends after this.

We're going to have low-programming--just a few writing craft classes--with lots of focus on introvert-friendly socializing, and lots of writing time.

All the details about the retreat are on this page, including pricing, tentative activities schedule, and more about the amazing writing campus where we'll be retreating. Come join us!

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