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Free Webinar for Romance Writers

On February 22 at 3pm EST, I've been invited to present a webinar on ReedsyLive about "How to Write Romance that Stands Out." Tickets are free, so grab your spot whenever, and you can listen to the recording after, if you can't make it the presentation itself. We are leaving time for a full Q&A though, so if you can be there in person, that's a great resource for you.

Here's the full description:

Author, editor, and writing coach Michelle Hazen reveals some key craft elements that make for a well-written romance. Once you understand how each one works, she'll show you how to use it to make your version feel fresh, unique, and un-putdownable. We'll share examples from Abby Jimenez's The Happy Ever After Playlist, a USA Today bestseller that hit just about every best-of-the-year Romance list — so you know that girl understands how to write a romance! The elements we'll discuss include:

  • The Meet Cute

  • Demonstration of Value

  • Tropes vs Clichés

  • Flipping Stereotypes and Genre Shortcuts

  • Unique Dates for Your Characters

  • How to Save the Sagging Middle

  • Grand Gestures

There will also be a Q&A with Michelle at the end, so register now for instructions on how to tune in live.

Wednesday 22nd February, 2023 at 3 pm New York • Noon Pacific • 8 pm London • 1.30 am Delhi • 4 am Hong Kong • 7 am Sydney REGISTER NOW

Michelle Hazen is a writing coach, freelance editor, and critically-acclaimed author. She has nine published romances that have collected starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly and ALA Booklist, been selected multiple times as Best Romances by Amazon Editors, and named Best Books of the Year by ALA Booklist.

You can find out more and save your spot HERE at Eventbrite!

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